All my lessons are catered to each student's individual goals. At the student's first lesson we create a set of goals to help bring focus to the lessons and things to work towards. Whether the student wants to explore the basics and have fun learning repertoire or focus on cultivating technique, the main objective is for everyone to enjoy their time with their instrument. No matter the focus, I always encorporate music that the student already listens to. This gets the student invovled in ways that only using a method book cannot. 

  • Vocal Health and Wellness

  • Classical and Contemporary Techniques

  • Basic Music Theory

  • Sightsinging

  • Exercises for Breath, Tone, and Range

  • Repertoire Buliding


  • Basic Technique and Music Theory

  • Chords and Strumming Patterns

  • Accompaniment

  • Finger Picking

  • Scales


  • Song Form

  • Writing to Theme vs. Inspiration Writing

  • Lyric Styles

  • Tips and Exercises

  • Overcoming Writer's Block

  • Music Theater Singing Styles

  • Creating the Arc of a Song

  • Music Theater History

  • Monolugue Training

  • Connecting to the Song